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Fuzhou Conssin Lighting Co., Ltd.

LED flood lights, LED high mast lights, LED high bay lights, LED street lights, LED work lights

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  • Phone: +86-591-22070791
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    No.6 Tie Ling West Road, Tie Ling Industrial Park, Minhou, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
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Company Profile
Conssin Lighting offers a unique collection of high power LED lighting solutions that combine the latest LED technology with forward thinking sustainability. Since its incorporation in 2007 Conssin has been at the forefront of lighting efficiency and technical performance to inspire more creative products that maximize real-world performance. Conssin prides itself in being an innovative lighting solutions provider for high power applications that had previously been served by HID lamps including metal halide (MH), mercury vapor (HgV), high pressure sodium (HPS), and low pressure sodium (LPS). Conssin continues to grow and exceed expectations by leveraging the value of emerging technologies and developing the most economical solutions to turn innovation into value.

The advanced range of Conssin's LED products including LED flood lights, LED high mast lights, LED high bay lights, LED street lights and LED work lights. Conssin's floodlights, high bay lights and high mast products offer a versatile solution to industrial and outdoor lighting applications that require high intensity illumination. The Conssin LED street lights feature unique photometric design for improved horizontal and vertical uniformity. These products utilize precision engineered optics, high output LEDs, and proprietary thermal management systems to achieve new levels of energy efficiency, uniformity, intensity, glare control, reliability and flexibility (instant start, programmable lighting levels). Conssin's products find extensive applications that include roadways, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, outdoor stadiums, indoor arenas, lighting towers, field houses, natatoriums, gymnasiums, site lighting, parking lots, and for a variety of industrial and outdoor applications.

All Conssin's products are designed to deliver incredible efficiency and enviable cost of ownership without sacrificing application performance, which is accomplished through value added design, engineering and manufacturing in its 26,000 square meter integrated manufacturing facilities. Conssin has a fully staffed team of highly skilled mechanical, electrical, thermal, and optical engineers. The company's in-house capabilities range from product design and tooling through manufacturing and assembly, always under constant scrutiny of its internal QC system to ensure the consistency in quality, reliability and performance in every step of the process. Conssin's products also come with worldwide recognized certifications and qualifications including CE, CB, ENEC, KEMA, RCM, SAA, and CSA.
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